Why Essential Oils And Anointing Oils?

Essential oils and anointing oils are close to the same thing but are often confused with each other. Essential oils are oils from around the world that can be used for health reasons. Some people believe they have healing elements and other health benefits. You might have seen some new oil businesses popping up, usually in the multi-level marketing field. Most essential oils do have health benefits but if you are not careful, some oils can actually cause you harm. There are oils from other countries that are used for specific things and should not be ingested orally.

So whats the difference with anointing oils?

Anointing OilAnointing oils are specific oils that were used back before and after Christ. The most common oil was Frankincense and myrrh. Before doctors had an understanding of medicine, oils were used to treat different health problems. Oils were also used to kill bacteria or were believed to help keep one healthy. One of their most popular uses was as a fragrance or perfume. Think about it, they didn’t have deodorant or perfume that we have today, so they would use different oils and essential oils.

Anointing oils were used to ‘anoint’ Kings who were to rule over a people. They were a symbol that the person was appointed over a people group. These oils had many uses back in biblical times but in today’s world, anointing oils and essential oils are used for ones belief in God or their health benefits.

Best places to buy essential oils and anointing oils?

Its important to order oils that are high in purity and quality. Since many people believe anointing oils have a healing property or a health benefit, its vital to get an oil that is clean from toxins. Many oils are purchased in other nations around the world such as Israel, Egypt, Syria and the surrounding areas. It does matter how these oils are processed, cleaned and stored before reaching your shelf or the bottle of anointing oil you might by online.

healing properties of anointing oilsEssential oils can be ordered from one of many different retailer. We have purchased our anointing oils from Heavenly Oils. They have been in business since the late 90’s and get their oils straight from the source overseas. For those who are looking to buy large quantities they can also manage those orders.

Before placing your order for either essential oils or anointing oil, be sure to contact the business you are buying from and ask them questions about where they get their oils from, how their oils are made and stored.

*Tip – Did you know that anointing oils and essential oils need to be stored in a dark (amber) bottle? If you buy one of these oils and they come in a clear bottle, the quality of that oil is already affected and the business you just bought it from doesn’t understand the different from quality oil and what they are selling. So be sure your oils come in Amber glass bottles like these.